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About Us

Hello all!

We are Mike and Bridgette Skow, proud parents of an active toddler, Wyatt. We are so happy to bring to Tulsa and surrounding areas a way to give families more quality time together. The inspiration for starting Dinner’s at 6 came from our desire to start a family business that would increase our own family time. Our motto is "We’ll Make the Mess and Save You the Stress" because we hope to also save you time by providing tasty meals at a fantastic price!

When you visit Dinner’s at 6, you'll notice that we're not a franchise. That means that we are able to make our own rules, such as using local fresh-cut meat. We also set our own menus monthly from our collection of over 300 recipes, and we're flexible enough to change on a dime. When we say that our entrees feed six, then you'll actually receive enough food to feed six real people. For example, you'll receive 6 chops when you purchase a Family order of Sesame Pork Chops.

In short, we thank you for supporting us, "the little guy." You help us provide the necessities for our family, and that is a blessing to us.

Best regards and warm wishes,
Mike, Bridgette, and Wyatt